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Welcome to our community

In 1999, James Allen Heywood founded the ALS Therapy Development Institute to find a cure for his brother, Stephen. Today, we continue to be led by patients and their families who understand the urgent need to slow and stop this disease. We are committed to working closely with people living with ALS, their family and friends, and connecting them to each other to share information and experience.

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Join us in our fight against ALS. Share your story today!

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Favorable Mentions

In my opinion, the research ALS TDI is doing will bring us closer to a cure than anything else going on.

I believe - as did my husband, Pat - that ALS TDI is the most innovative, efficient, and creative ALS research lab in the world. I'm honored and thrilled to be able to support ALS TDI with the same sense of passion, dedication, and love that they provided to me and my family over the years as Pat lived with his ALS.

We have met the people who work at ALS TDI and their passion shines through, their personal connections to this disease drive them. We believe they are one of the most progressive and effective insitutes around, and they will be part of the cure.